Beta Firmware / Alpha Driver

The compatibility spectrum of Solar-Log keeps growing!

We would like to offer you an steady increase in the number of compatible devices for our energy management and monitoring solution. This means that we develop and constantly update a large number of device drivers.

Whereas a few years ago there were only a handful of devices with which the system had to be compatible, today there are well over 300 different devices with which the Solar-Log Base device family is compatible and the number is constantly growing.

In order to be able to offer you more compatible devices as quick and easy as possible, we have adapted our development steps and are now releasing new device drivers in two different ways for more compatibility in less time.


Beta Firmware

Beta firmware contain drivers that have been handed over from the development department to a special test team and have been structured and extensively tested by this test team on one or more installations. These drivers are available in a beta firmware, documented in the beta release notes and for them there are the corresponding installation instructions. These drivers can be used directly by our customers and are available in the coming table of the present entry.


Alpha Driver

Alpha drivers are drivers coming directly from the development department. They have undergone internal software-based testing there, have completed the internal Solar-Log GmbH driver test tool and have been tested with a software simulator. The classification as an alpha driver is usually made when no direct test installations are available. The corresponding alpha driver can be requested by our customers for a beta test, via email. The tests are accompanied by our beta test team to ensure that all functions are guaranteed in the system. It may happen that we need a few days lead time to provide the appropriate resources in the development department.

Only available on request, please contact us directly.


Ideally, you should tell us right away in the text field when the installation is to take place so that we can schedule this accordingly.

Beta Firmware



Solar-Log™ Model

Release Date

Release Notes (DE / EN)

Alpha Driver

Supported Components as Alpha Drivers

Supported Components as Alpha Drivers


ABB/Fimer Sunspec (Note: string values are not provided by the Sunspec driver):
Neue PVS Serie (PVS-10-TL, PVS-12.5-TL, PVS-15-TL, PVS-20-TL, PVS-30-TL, PVS-33-TL)

Goodwe Hybrid

SG125HX, SG250 HX

Sungrow TCP

Kostal TCP CI

Huawei Hybrid

SMA Modbus:

  • Sunnyboy Storage (SBS3.7-10, SBS5.0-10, SBS6.0-10, SBS3.8-US-10, SBS5.0-US-10, SBS6.0-US-10)

  • Sunnyboy Storage 2.5 (SBS2.5-1VL-40)

  • Peak 3 (SHP 100-20, SHP 150-20, SHP 125-US-20, SHP 150-US-20, SHP 100-JP-20, SHP 150-JP-20)