App: Enerest ToGo by Solar-Log™

We would like to give you an understanding of the first steps with the new »Enerest ToGo by Solar-Log™« app and thus also clarify any open questions before you contact our technical support team.



To use the »Enerest ToGo« app, you need an independent user account on a WEB Enerest™ 4 portal ( in advance, as well as a plant registered in this account (with Solar-Log™, Meteocontrol or Huawei Smartlogger) with active data transfer.

Please note that you can only use this app if your plant is already registered on the new WEB Enerest™ 4 portal and actively transfers there.

If your Solar-Log™ is still registered and active on the WEB Enerest™ 3 portal, please use the
»Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ 3« app.

Below you will find the respective requirements of the »Enerest ToGo« app for your system:

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»What access data do I need to log in?«

To log in to the »EnerestToGo« app, you only need the same access data that you already use in the WEB Enerest™ 4 portal:

  1. Your registered e-mail address.

  2. Your personal password.



After the first login to the app, it may take a few minutes for the app server to fully synchronize with the portal server and for your data to be retrieved and displayed.

»What views are available in the app?«

Depending on your plant configuration, the views in the »Enerest ToGo« app may vary and may not be displayed for you. Nevertheless, below you can see all the theoretically possible views that you can switch through in the plant view.

  • On the »Plant info« page, you will see various tiles slightly below that guide you to the respective menu items.

  • In most views, you can switch through the different time periods by simply tapping Day, Month, Year, and Total.

»How do I receive notifications through the app?«

You can be notified about various events and also alarms of your plant in the "Enerest ToGo" app.

  1. Within the app, tap the Enerest 4 logo in the upper right corner.

  2. Then tap the »Settings« menu item.

  3. In the settings, you can now see all the available options about the notifications and customize, activate and deactivate them as you wish.

  4. Alternatively, you can also tap on the gear wheel in the top right corner of the plant info for your respective plant and then on »Notifications« to adjust settings for individual plants.

​​ »I have forgotten/lost my password.«

If you ever forget or lose your personal password of your WEB Enerest™ 4 user account, resetting and assigning a new password is also no problem:

  1. On the login screen of the app, tap »Forgot password«.

  2. In the next step, enter your registered email address.

  3. Tap the »Request« button.

  4. You will promptly receive an e-mail from our system (sender:, which you can use to reset your password.

    1. Depending on your email provider, it may take a while until you receive the email. Therefore, please use the function only 1 time within 24 hours.

    2. In addition to the inbox, check the receipt of the e-mail in your spam folder if necessary.

  5. The link contained in the email will take you to the »Reset Password« page of our »Solar-Log™ Passport« user management system.

  6. Set your new personal password on this page and confirm it again.

  7. Then log in to the app as usual, with your new password.



Please note that the password change also applies your login for the WEB Enerest™ 4 portal in the browser.

»My Solar-Log™ has been replaced, how do I see all my data again?«

If a Solar-Log™ has been exchanged, this exchange must also be carried out in the WEB Enerest™ 4 portal, in the form of a serial number exchange.

  1. In your WEB Enerest™ 4 portal, navigate to the »Plants« menu via the side navigation bar under the »Administration« item.

  2. Under »Plants« you click on your registered plant.

  3. In the »Plant information«, click on the 3-dot menu at the top right and then on »Device exchange«.

  4. In the »Device exchange« overlay that now opens, simply enter the serial number and Easy Code of the new Solar-Log™, select the reason for the exchange and click on the »Save« button at the bottom right.

  5. If you have not already done so, you must (for the HTTP data transfer) still enter the following in the local configuration of your Solar-Log™.

    as the portal server and save it.

  • Solar-Log™ 5. generation: (Base 15, Base 100, Base 2000)

    • Imprint on the left side of the device.

    • or via the touch display:

      • Swipe from right to left across the display and upwards at the fourth symbol for the general menu (socket symbol with three connections from below). There you can read the serial number, among other things.

      • Alternatively, you can swipe up on the fifth icon in the main screen and scan the QR code there to read out the device information.

  • Solar-Log™ 3. and 4. generation: (Solar-Log™ 200, 250, 300, 500, 1000, 1200, 1900, 2000)

    • Unter der oberen grauen Abdeckung des Geräts auf dem Typenschild. Die Abdeckung lässt sich vorsichtig unter gleichmäßigem Ziehen und leichtem Rütteln abziehen.

  • Older Solar-Log™ generations: (Solar-Log™ 100e, 400e, 800e)

    • The serial number can be found on a sticker on the outside of the case. An Easy Code did not exist at that time.

As soon as the exchange has been completed there and your new Solar-Log™, instead of the old one, transfers data to your registered plant, you will automatically be able to see the change in the »EnerestToGo« app in a timely manner.